German Shepherd or Alsatian



This 21 years old card is from a very limited edition (only 100) and the printing plates for this set have been destroyed so that no other prints of these cards will ever be produced by Imperial Publishing. This particular card is from a set of 6 cards entitled "IMPERIAL DOG COLLECTION." The front of the card shows an artist drawn picture of the German Shepherd or the Alsatian. The card measures ca 2.5" X 3" or 65mm x 75mm.

This set was issued in the UK by Imperial Publishing Ltd. in 1999. It is part of a series consisting of 16 sets of cards drawn by the artist Ian Coleman . The title of the set is "IMPERIAL DOG COLLECTION". The backs of the cards have a description of the on five of the cards and details of current and future series of cards by Imperial Publishing on the remaining card.

All of the cards are shown here. The cards are not matted but the picture shows how attractive the cards would look if they were matted and framed.


The six cards (German Shepherd - Alsatians) together are priced US$40.00. This is an uncut set hand-numbered sheet. The size of the sheet is ca 6 3/4" x 8" or 165mm x 200mm.


Year Made:
Where Made:
Great Britain
Imperial Publishing Ltd.

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